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We are dedicated to providing the best and the most affordable treatment for your ailment. We understand that you need a friend in your tough times, we assure you to be that friend. We promise to stand by your side in rough times like illness and guarantee you the best treatment at the comfort of your homes.

2-Hour Medicine Delivery

Get your prescription-based medicines, medicines as required delivered to your doorstep in only 2 hours.

Convenient Home-Based Lab Tests

Get your health sample collected at home, we'll conduct your health tests at our lab and deliver your reports digitally, or in print format.


  • Online Doctor Appointment
  • Online Diagnostic Service
  • Online Blood Bank Services
  • Online Diagnostic Van Services
  • Private Hospital Services
  • Nursing Care at Home
  • ICU Care at Home
  • Cancer Care at Home
  • Physiotherapy at Home
  • Elder Care at Home
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Services

Online Medicine Availability

1ML Healthcare provides users to easily access and check the availability of medicines in their nearest pharmacy shop. This is very much time saving and convenient for customers especially those who are in a really severe condition. It offers great flexibility as the customers do not have to leave their homes to visit local pharmacies for medications. They can visit 1ML Healthcare, check the availability of medicines which they require like pain killers, antibiotics, heart and blood pressure medications, dental products etc, and then can proceed to buy and order their medicines.

Users can get unlimited access to professional healthcare givers any time of the day. Medicines are delivered within 45 minutes.

It offers a great variety of options as the users can search and find whatever medicine they are looking for.

Online Doctor Appointment

Users can appoint doctor in their nearest area. It allows the individuals to conveniently and securely book the appointments and reservations online. The flexibility of online scheduling offers a variety of different services and activities like: -

  • Scheduling patient appointments, treatments and services
  • Booking vaccines
  • Scheduling online and video chat as well

It provides 24*7 convenience. Scheduling over the phone usually requires an individual to phone in during office hours which is very much inconvenient. 1ML Healthcare allows 24-hour scheduling, not just during normal facility or office hours.It is 24*7 active and working.

Online Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services basically refer to such services which are used to determine the cause of an illness or a condition of a patient.

It includes tests like X-ray, blood tests, MRI, endoscopy etc.,

1ML Healthcare provides users to get an online appointment to their nearest diagnostic services. Individuals can easily access the availability and get an appointment for diagnostic purpose.

1ML Path Lab

1ML path lab is a well-equipped lab with various specialisation. It is a highly specialised lab where various tests are conducted including blood test, urine test, allergy test, microbiology test, radiography, histopathology, prenatal testing, cardiology testing etc., all these special tests are provided by 1ML path lab at a very low cost which is easily affordable by different individuals.

1ML path lab also provides home visit services. People with busy schedules can book online appointment to save time. They simply need to fill up a small form and their appointment can be fixed online.

In addition to all this, once the tests are conducted and evaluated, their result can be displayed on the website. Online reports are more convenient, patients don’t need to carry physical reports, they can simply login and show it to the concern doctor anytime.

Online Blood Bank Services

As we all know, Blood is the most important element of our body without which we can’t live. It delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Online blood bank service is a means of creating awareness among the public for those who are in a need. 1ML Healthcare provides the availability of blood stock of all the eight blood groups as well as the information related to each blood group is also provided for the public. One could look for the availability of blood in the nearest blood bank online at times of crises when there is any shortage of blood.

Donation of blood service is also available. Anyone interested in donating blood can easily donate it via visiting the website. 1ML Healthcare provide with the donation service to easily connect the donor to the blood recipients. Donating blood is a lifesaving task.

In addition to all this, 1ML Healthcare also helps in organizing blood donation camp to create awareness among the public across the world. Those who want to volunteer in this service can easily involve in this camp. In order to organize a camp online, the person has to fill up a small form.

Online Diagnostic Van Services

1ML Healthcare has made the task easier by providing diagnostic services like X-ray at home. Portable x-ray machine is easy to carry whenever and wherever it is required.

This is especially useful for patients who are bed ridden as well as old age patients who cannot travel to visit a hospital for x-ray.

All Medical Report and Patient details Digitization

All the medical records of a patient which involves the status of patient’s health, illness, cause, diagnosis, medications, past treatment plans are critical to the patient. The treatment plan is dependent upon the information available for the patient.

1ML Healthcare provides an efficient way of storing all the information that are important for a patient including all the medical reports. Users can easily save their digital reports in Digi locker and 1ml data bank.

All this information will be protected and secured for the patient.

Private Hospital Services

Physically going to a hospital and taking an appointment is a tedious and time-consuming method. Technology has been advanced and through this the users can easily and comfortably sit at their home and can search for a variety of different private hospitals in their locality and can easily fix appointment and can be admitted to hospital.

It reduces man power, saves time and money as well and the user can get a tone of options and they can go for the best out of them. 1ML Healthcare has provided this facility to easily book an appointment in the nearest private hospital just by sitting at your home.

Nursing Care at Home

Many patients do not feel comfortable staying at the hospital for a longer time period. This can be easily avoided by bringing highly qualified and experienced nurses to your home to provide you with all the care.

The care includes post-surgical care, wound dressing, oxygen administration, I.V infusion, urinary catheterization care, vaccination as well as other nursing assistance.

1ML Healthcare provides you with this excellent service. In order to bring an experienced nurse to your home, users have to fill small form.

ICU at Home Service

1ML Healthcare provides setting up of ICU in home known as ‘ICU at HOME SERVICE’. The best part of it is that the patients get the comfort of their home as well as all this service is available at Hospital price only.

Cancer Care at Home

Cancer is one of the most serious health conditions which causes a lot of discomfort for the patients. Patients find it more convenient and comfortable to receive treatment at home.

1ML Healthcare provides well educated, trained and experienced nurses/attendants for cancer patients. All this service is available at hospital price only.

Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy treatment refers to a therapeutic procedure, which is concerned with restoring, maintaining and maximizing the functionality, movement and strength of an individual.

For the patients especially those whose condition is quite serious and who cannot travel to a physiotherapist clinic, 1ML Healthcare provides physiotherapy service at home at hospital price itself.

The treatment includes massage, muscle stretching. Acupuncture, electrotherapy etc. It is a cost effective, time saving way as well as the patients can get the comfort of their home.

New Born baby and Mother care at home

1ML Healthcare provides excellent services for the special care of new born baby and mother at home at effective price.

Elder Care at home

An elder is as sensitive as a new born. Both requires special attention and care because in both the cases their body functions are either not developed properly in case of new born or the body functions are degrading slowly with age as in elders.

Therefore, just like a new born an elder needs special care. 1ML Healthcare is there to provide elder care services at home for convenience and comfort of the elder at hospital price.

Hospital Care Services

1ML Healthcare provides hospital like care at patient’s home at effective cost. Also offers post hospitalization care at home and ensures fast recovery with the comfort of home. All the healthcare services are provided at your doorsteps. All the care given at a hospital can be given directly at home.

Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke, also called as brain attack occurs when the flow of blood to an area of brain is cut off. Stroke treatments generally involves proper care, medications and therapy.

A stroke survivor strongly needs family support due to physical. Emotional, behavioural changes post the stroke.

1ML Healthcare provides stroke rehabilitation facility at home and encourages fast recovery with your loved ones around.

Ambulance Services

1ML Healthcare provides you to search and find the nearest ambulance. Both air and road ambulance services are available in case of medical emergency. In case of critically ill patients, air ambulance services are available.

Guidance through mobile app

1ML Healthcare provide users with useful medical guidance like how to lose or gain weight, what are the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, what to eat during pregnancy and many more.

All this is possible for the users just by downloading the mobile app of 1ML Healthcare.

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