Cash T&C

Cash T&C

WHAT IS 1ml Super Cash?

1ml super Cash are Loyalty points that you earn after you place an order on 1ml using an applicable coupon code (herein referred to as “1ml super Cash or 1ml super Cash points”). 1ml super Cash points can be redeemed by you on future orders as per the applicable terms and conditions. 1ml super Cash points will help you to save more.

HOW TO FIND 1ml super Cash points?

Just login to your 1ml account and go to menu options to see your 1ml super Cash points. You will be able to see your balance points and summary of your recent 1ml super Cash points transactions.


How can I earn 1ml super Cash points?

When placing an order on 1ml for medicines or OTC products (“Products”) or pathology or radiology services (“Lab Services”) use an applicable coupon code to earn your 1ml super Cash points.

How can I redeem my 1ml super Cash points?

Once you have successfully earned some 1ml super Cash points, when you place an order again for Products or Lab Services on 1ml, your maximum possible 1ml Cash points shall be automatically redeemed from your account. Please note that 1ml super Cash points are not redeemable where, order includes any radiology services individually or in combination with Products or pathology services.

Can I pay for the complete order by redeeming 1ml super Cash points?

No, you can only successfully redeem a part of your order using 1ml super Cash points and the rest using other modes of payments.

What are the benefits of 1ml super Cash points?

More savings than before! 1ml super Cash points are the points that you earn in return when placing an order on 1ml for Product or Lab Services after you place an order using an applicable coupon code.

Can I transfer my 1ml super Cash points?

No, 1ml Cash points cannot be transferred to any other account or user.

How much 1ml super Cash can I redeem per order?

1ml super Cash amount can be redeemed for up to 10% of the payable amount(after coupon discount). For care plan members, 1ml super Cash amount can be redeemed for up to 10% of the payable amount(after coupon discount).

Can I lose my earned 1ml Super Cash points?

1ml Super Cash points earned on any order shall remain valid for a period of 90 days from the date when such points are credited to your account. (Please Note: 1ml Super Cash credited to a user's account under a promotional offer may have a limited period validity and not that of 90 days).

What happens to my 1ml Super Cash points when my order gets cancelled?

In case of order cancellation your 1ml Super Cash shall be refunded back to your account. If part of your order is cancelled then the amount of 1ml Super Cash used in your part order shall be refunded back.

What happens when you cancel the order placed?

1ml Super Cash points shall not be credited for orders which are cancelled. In such a case if any 1ml Super Cash points have been credited to your account, the same may be recovered without any notice.

Can I club 1ml super Cash points with other promotional offers?

No, 1ml Super Cash points cannot be clubbed with any other promotional or other discount offers.

Can I utilize the entire 1ml super Cash in my account to pay for a single order?

No, you can only pay a limited portion of your total order amount using 1ml Super Cash. You have the option to redeem the 1ml Super Cash in your account at the time of checkout.


Please note that redemption of 1ml Super Cash may vary or may not be applicable on certain products.

Additional terms and conditions for 1ml Super Cash points:

1. 1ML reserves the right to, without liability or prejudice to any of its other rights, at any time, without previous notice and from time to time, withdraw/suspend/amend/cancel the 1ml Super Cash points offers and the terms applicable thereto;

2. 1ML does not in any manner endorse or support or promote, in any specific manner, the purchase of Products or Lab Services or undertaking of transactions inter alia which are subject to 1ml Super Cash points;

3. 1ml Super Cash points are not a payment instrument;

4. 1ML shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination of or change in the 1mL Super Cash points offers

5. 1ml Super Cash points will be applicable for Lab Services in PAN India:

Please note that the above terms and conditions shall be in addition to and not in substitution of or derogation to the terms of use of 1ML

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