Tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers

Alzheimer’s is a deadly mental illness that eats away at a person’s memory and other mental functions. It takes a lot of patience and care when you’re responsible for a person with Alzheimer’s. Commemorating World Alzheimer’s Awareness month, in this blog you will find tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers.

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Manage frustration

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Once the onset of Alzheimer’s sets in, the patient may find it difficult to complete daily, mundane tasks on their own. You should try these steps to limit your challenges and keep their frustration in check:

  • Schedule wisely – Make a timetable for routine tasks. Allow some flexibility for changes in the routine. Some tasks are better completed when the patient is alert and feels active.
  • Allow more time – Understand that sometimes tasks may take longer than usual. Be patient, and schedule some more time for them. Also, allow for breaks during the tasks.
  • Keep the person involved – Allow the person to complete their tasks as much as they can independently. If they’re able to set a table or dress up on visual cues, then let them do it.
  • Give them choices – Provide some choices, but not too many. Such as picking between two outfits, a hot or cold drink, a walk or a movie, and so on.
  • Give simple instructions – People with Alzheimer’s understand simple cues and instructions best.
  • Limit distractions – It may be difficult for the person with Alzheimer’s to focus if the TV is on and too many people are talking together. Turn off the TV and make their environment peaceful to limit any distractions.

Flexibility is Key

Over time, the patient will find it more and more difficult to complete their daily routine, and that’s when most of the frustration will set in. Remember to be flexible, and adapt to their rhythm and routine as required.

For instance, if they don’t like to bathe, reduce the number of baths per week. And if they prefer wearing the same outfit all the time, but multiple outfits of the same kind.

We hope our list of tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers was helpful to you.

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