How to deal with a cold at home

We hear a lot of people saying that over-the-counter medications for a cold don’t work for them. This is because, your body starts developing a resistance for them as you keep consuming them. Let’s explore some home remedies to learn how to deal with a cold at home.

1. Blow your nose

Instead of sniffling the mucus back into your throat, it’s important you blow your nose often. The best way to blow your nose is: Place a finger over one nostril to clog it, and blow from the other nostril. This will clear all the mucus from your nostrils. Remember to wash your hands after you blow your nose.

2. Rest, rest, rest

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Resting helps your body to focus on fighting the cold with its immunity. This fight makes you dizzy as you lose energy. Give your body enough rest to win this battle.

3. Gargle with salt water

Mix some warm water with salt and gargle thoroughly to kill the bacteria dancing at your throat. Gargling properly will moisten your throat and bring immediate relief from throat rashes.

4. Drink hot liquids

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Warm liquids will help prevent dehydration and relieve nasal congestion.

5. Take a steam shower

Steamy showers will moisturize your nasal passages and relax your muscles. Take a sponge bath while sitting on a stool if you feel dizzy from the cold.

6. Apply heat packs of cold packs around your sinsuses

You can purchase reusable heat packs or cold packs from a pharmacy or drugstore. Either temperatures will help you relieve the cold. You can use a bag of frozen peas as a cold pack, or a heated damp washcloth for a heat pack.

We hope you were able to take in some valuable tips and have learned how to deal with a cold at home.

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