How to battle Anxiety

Do you worry a lot? You could be dealing with anxiety if anxious thoughts have a deep-rooting in your mind all the time. Worry not, anxiety can be moderated with clinical help as well as some personal steps. In this blog, we will tell you exactly how to battle anxiety.

People worry about a lot of things on a daily basis including work-related stress, family problems, financial issues, and so on. However, these problems do not become a barrier to their daily activities. People with anxiety, though, have it different. Their worrying is excessive and hinders their ability to complete daily tasks.

No worries, there are simple steps you can take to learn how to battle Anxiety.

There’s a reason your heart beats faster during a stressful situation. That’s your body’s natural response, anxiety. Know and learn what situations trigger you. Identifying your triggers are the first step to battle anxiety.

Triggers can include – giving a work presentation, your first day of a new job, meeting someone new, and so on. To identify your personal triggers, you may need a lot of self-reflection.

Tips to battle Anxiety

Get enough Sleep

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Are you sleeping enough? The number of hours you sleep directly affects your anxiety. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can be a cause for anxiety and depression. Sleeplessness can lead to poor job performance, and increased risk of health disorders as well.

Limit alcohol, caffeine and nicotine intake
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‘Unwinding with alcohol’ can bring in some benefits such as de-stressing you and making you more confident in your stress. Alcohol is actually a sedative and depressant that affects your central nervous system. Drinking too much on a regular basis can make you develop a tolerance to it. This can have physical as well as mental side-effects, which can give you more anxiety as you try to cope with them.

Caffeine increases your heart rate and hinders your sleep cycle. The substances in alcohol, nicotine and caffeine hinder you physically as well as mentally, thus, increasing your risks of anxiety.

Eat a balanced meal
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Never skip meals, doing so can bring a drop to your blood sugar levels. Always try eating a balanced meal rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. A healthy physical body will nurture a healthy mind.

Take deep breaths
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Deep breathing will help your heart rate relax. Relaxing your heart is the best method to battle anxiety. A normal heart rate will help you focus more on the task at hand than the thing you’re worrying about.

Start counting
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Start counting, and visualize the numbers in your head as you count. You can also visualize a number of objects such as sheep while you count. This will take your mind off any worries and make you focus on the task at hand, which is counting. After counting, you may be able to better cope with your immediate tasks

Exercise daily
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Exercising daily can increase your blood flow and make your heart healthier. Exercising can stabilize your mood decrease tensions, improve your sleep and make you more confident.

Talk to someone
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The best technique to resolve anxiety is to talk about your problems to someone. Make a designated confidant or a friend to share all your worries.

Maintain a positive attitude
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This can be a difficult one since you have anxiety. Maintaining a positive attitude and believing that everything is going to go well goes a long way when dealing with anxiety.

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