7 Health Facts to make you feel better about your eating habits

It’s great to have a few food and health facts handy and bring it up in conversation once in a while. This blog will make you a fact-expert among your peers and friends. Welcome to our list of 7 health facts to make you feel better about your eating habits!

1. Stickers on your fruits are edible

Surprised? We were too, when we came to know about this. The logical thing to do is obviously to remove them, but know this – even the glue used to stick it is food grade quality. This is just in case, you eat one accidentally without noticing.

2. Lemons contain more sugar than strawberry

Everything on this list is going to make your surprised. Actually, lemons have so much citric acid that you don’t even notice any sugars!

3. Microwave food is the best way to keep the nutrition intact

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Steaming your veggies in some water in the microwave is the best way to keep the minerals and nutrients intact. This technique is better than other cooking methods.

4. Egg yolks are more nutritious than egg whites

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Some of you may already know this. Although whites have much more protein, the egg yolks contain all the good vitamins and minerals. Whites are better when you’re on a diet, but eating yolks is best when you wish to garner a lot of nutrition.

5. Tomatoes, when stored in the fridge, lose their flavor.

If you regularly work in the kitchen, you might already be aware of this. This fact is actually backed by a study saying that tomatoes fully lose their ability to cultivate their flavor when stored in a refrigerator.

6. People who eat spicy food, live longer

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Sorry to people who can’t handle spicy food. According to a Harvard study, eating a little spicy food daily can decrease the risk of death by 14%

7. The smell of chocolate can help you relax

Just the smell of chocolate is enough to help you relax. We’re talking about real chocolate here, not the synthetic kind. Chocolate reduces your attentiveness, giving you a sensation of peace and calm.

We hope you came to know some fun facts about food, and enjoyed our list of 7 health facts to make you feel better about your eating habits.

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