8 healthy habits you need to adopt immediately!

Health is Wealth, and the sooner you bank on good health, the better. Healthy habits in your youth go a long way when it comes to overall health in old age. Here is a list of 8 healthy habits you should adopt immediately!

1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep.

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7 to 8 hours of sleep is the sweet spot when it comes to sleep. This is backed by Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler, president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, who gave an interview in the Wallstreet Journal. According to another study, people who sleep significantly less than 7 hours die early. And the ones who sleep longer than 9 hours have a different set of problems. So, in a nutshell, you should sleep for a period of 8 to 9 hours.

2. Say no to cigarettes. Please quit if you’re a smoker.

‘Smoking is injurious to health,’ there’s obviously a viable reason it flashes on your movie screen all the time. Quitting before age 35 can almost eliminate all the risks related to smoking. And the sooner you quit, the better the odds.

3. Eat home-made food whenever you can.

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You should eat majority of your meals with home-made ingredients. Cooking your own food gives you better control of the ingredients. Cooking at home means you cater the food according to your preferences and it’s obviously, healthier.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

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You expected this one, didn’t you? According to a Harvard study, people who regularly eat more fruits and vegetables have lower risks of cardiovascular diseases. This is especially when you eat green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and basically a colorful food palate.

5. Say goodbye to soda.

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This can be a huge bummer if you drink soda regularly. It is mainly sugar water, with some flavor. Drinking one or more soft drinks a day is associated with:

  • Obesity
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Higher levels of triglycerides (associated with high cholesterol)
  • Greater risk of metabolic syndrome

6. Drink more water.

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Water, truly is essential to life. Instead of going for soda, you should drink some glasses of water. It helps prevent the risks of kidney stones by helping them work overtime. It improves your skin health. It increases blood flow too. And the list goes on and on.

7. Sit less, Stand more.

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Sitting disease is a thing, guys. If you’re an office worker and you need to sit a lot, you should spend every 10 minutes each our standing or walking. This will get your blood flowing and reduce health risks.

8. Take antibiotics only when you need them

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Antibiotics only treat bacterial illnesses, if you didn’t know. Toss up that Amoxicillin for some Tylenol and cough medicine if you’re dealing with a cold. The more antibiotics you take, the more are the chances of you building up resistance against them. This means they won’t have much effect down the line, when you actually need them.

We hope you were able to take in some useful information with our list of 8 healthy habits you should adopt immediately.

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