5 natural ways to relieve pain

It’s September, which means its Pain Awareness Month. It’s normal to have a few aches here and there for everyone. However, dealing with pain may not always be easy. A lot of people wish to treat their pain naturally without any effects of drugs or medication. In lieu of Pain Awareness Month, in this blog, you will learn 5 natural ways to relieve pain.

Get moving

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Who thought this would be here? Thought of exercising before? It’s been noted that exercise is frequently associated with reduction in arthritis joint aches. Exercise is a natural reliever of pain as it produces pain-relieving endorphins, and supports your joints.

Exercise also keeps your blood flowing in all directions in the body. A good amount of blood flow helps in decreasing joint aches.

Heat up aching joints

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Heat therapy is no joke, fellas! Applying heat to aching areas can increase your blood flow, ease your discomfort, and distract your brain from the pain. You can try heat therapy using a hot water bottle, gel-filled pad, hot bath, or electric heating pad.

Or cool down the joints

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Arthritis causes painful joint inflammation. Applying a cold compress on the aching area can reduce the painful inflammation. It also helps in slowing down nerve impulses, which can interrupt the pain signals.

Consume more fiber

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According to research, people who eat more fibrous foods have a lower risk of osteoarthritis pain. Also, people who eat more fiber produce lots of short chains of fatty acids, which can create a healthy balance of microbes in the digestive tract. An imbalance of microbes in the digestive tract is closely associated with inflammatory arthritic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Time to stretch


Your inactivity when you’re in pain makes your pain worse. Your body is designed to keep moving. Gently stretching can maintain your mobility and range of motion. Even your doctor or physiotherapist will tell you to do some stretches when you’re in pain. You can ask them various stretching techniques to help you relieve your pain better.

We hope our list of 5 natural ways to relieve pain was helpful to you.

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