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Making healthcare more accessible, affordable and hassle-free to satisfy all your health needs.

1ML Healthcare Services is a thought leader when it comes to medicare. We focus on extending our services to our valuable users with a trustworthy approach towards availing genuine medication services.

1ML acts as a medium between independent customers and licensed pharmacists.

It is sometimes difficult to get hold of specific medication, or medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. 1ML makes your search easier by notifying you the nearest pharmacies where you can find the medicine.

Often times, people do not know the specific name of a medication, 1ML comes in as their champion to avail medicines pertaining their ailments at affordable rates. Users are provided with complete information about the products on the website. All communications and orders are forwarded to the concerned pharmacists and the medicines are delivered at your doorstep within 2 hours.


It is observed that many times people find it difficult to get the best treatment. Either they don't know the best doctor or they are following the conventional way of finding the doctor. However, with one ml, you can get the best treatment at your disposal without you having to wait.

24x7 Availability of Doctors through Online Consultation

Connect with a doctor securely, anytime, anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Convenient video chat

Talk to the professionals conveniently at the comfort of your home.

Trusted & Experienced Professionals

Consult doctors and therapists who have dedicated years to practice.

Secure Platform

Maintain your confidentiality with our secure sessions.

Online Lab Tests

We know lab tests are a vital component to your medical care. Book online lab tests with samples collected at the comfort of your home. Receive your reports digitally in your email.

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Why Us

  • Reliable Service
  • Easy pharmacy locator
  • Easy doorstep delivery in 2 hours
  • Trusted medicine vendors
  • All medicine information provided in-app
  • Easy returns and refunds
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