The Paleo diet takes us back to the primitive lifestyle of our ancestors.

The Paleo diet takes us back to the primitive lifestyle of our ancestors. It gives us an insight into how we have outpaced evolution and have changed our eating habits drastically. This has resulted in end number of health ailments cropping up. But the diet has come to our rescue. Lets peep into the benefits it offers us.

It is obvious, isn’t it? Once you cut down on carbohydrates you’ll eventually start shedding the extra pounds. You are forced o eliminate junk food as the majority of them is formed of carbs. Studies show that a healthy adult can lose up to 3-4kgs in one month.

The diet advocates averting all kinds of carbs from your diet. Even gluten-free sources like almond and coconut floor are prohibited. This helps to control your blood glucose levels and thus the body’s glycemic index. Therefore, this diet is very profitable for type 2 diabetes patients.

Many diet plans suggest fat-free yogurt or high-fat cheese for weight loss. Since the Paleo diet rules out dairy products, it can be employed for those who have lactose intolerance.

Celiac disease is seen in people who are sensitive to gluten and their body produces unwanted reactions like bloating and diarrhea upon its consumption. The paleo diet debars carbohydrates and thus gluten.

The diet does not promote using vegetable oils which are high in cholesterol. Instead, flaxseed or sesame oils are used as an alternative which have comparatively less cholesterol. Also when you increase your intake of leafy vegetables and seafood (as recommended during the diet), you are adding the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids which breaks down triglycerides.

Now that our fat intake has reduced, you are at a lower risk of developing heart-related diseases like atherosclerosis, fluctuations in blood pressure stroke. High doses omega 3 fatty acids have also proven to reduce the prevalence of Arrhythmias.

As fruits and vegetables will be at the heart of this diet plan, they are going to provide you essential vitamins like C, B12 and minerals like iodine, calcium and iron. In a regular step up consisting of carbohydrate-rich diet, we usually fall deficient of these vitamins and minerals. They are also essential for epidermal and dermal health.

Increased consumption of leafy vegetables and meat will automatically result in elevated iron levels.

In general healthy eating habits such as eating fresh (as fruits and veggies are perishable) ensures that you make the most out of them. Eating real whole food keeps processed and junk food off the radar of this diet plan.

If we carefully take a look, this diet runs on similar paths with various detox diet. Eating in small proportions, ruling out junk and processed food will eventually lead to a general body detoxification.

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